ADD showed its leading style and became one of the hottest star companies in Shanghai FIC Exhibition

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From March 22 to 24, 2018, the three-day "China Shanghai FIC Additives Exhibition" officially opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The Shanghai FIC exhibition is divided into autumn exhibition and spring exhibition. It is one of the most influential exhibitions in the food industry in the world at present, and it has attracted the attention of the same industry worldwide and the expectations of enterprises. The exhibition has five exhibition areas, about 116,000 square meters of exhibition space has long been sold out, and more than 100 companies have not applied for the exhibition.

Elite teams sent by the company 3

        Our company was invited to participate in Hall 6.2, 62H10/62J11, 130 square meters of exhibition area, the exhibition area is designed into three functional areas, namely the dining area, the puffed snack food area and the basic raw material area. The catering area is the holding company Guangzhou of our group. The first appearance of Zuoweijia Food Co., Ltd. is also our group company's entry into catering B2B, providing comprehensive catering solutions for national catering companies.

Guangzhou Zuoweijia Food Co., Ltd. LOGO

       During the exhibition, customers in front of our booth were in an endless stream, and the crowds were full of popularity. They also became one of the most noticed star companies at the exhibition. Some customers expressed their follow-up cooperation through in-depth understanding of Jiangda Hefeng’s business services and products. Strong will.

Selected catering products attract a large number of customers

Fully occupied booth scene

Strong atmosphere for on-site negotiation

        At this exhibition, our company carefully selected a series of products such as catering, home cooking, puffed products and meat products to attend. On the first day of the launch, with excellent products and on-site engineers carefully prepared various kinds of food, it was unanimously recognized and favored by customers from home and abroad.

Guangzhou Zuoweijia Catering Products

        This exhibition not only represents the recognition of Jiangda Hefeng and its products from customers at home and abroad, but also a solid step for Jiangda Hefeng to fully enter the internationalization journey. Next, our company will continue to explore the international market and bring more high-quality products to global consumers.

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