Interview: Li Weihua, General Manager of Guangdong Jiangda Hefeng Company, a well-known brand in the food industry-Second Entrepreneurship

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In the Chinese savory flavor industry, "Huixiangyuan" is a significant name, and "Jiang Dahe Feng" is a fresh face. In 2000, Huixiangyuan experienced shareholder diversion, which made the industry sigh, and once again made people feel the immaturity of small and medium-sized private enterprises. As one of the founders, Li Weihua chose to quit at the peak of Huixiangyuan. With a bit of helplessness, a bit of tragic, he adjusted his mentality in the shortest time, created Jiang Da Hefeng, and started his second venture.

         This time, and the first time ten years ago, there has been a fundamental difference. It is still in the perfume and flavor line, but without the brand advantage of "Huixiangyuan", which is carefully built, there is no rare opportunity that the market was blank ten years ago. With the experience and thinking accumulated over the past ten years, Li Weihua led "Jiang Da He Feng" on a higher platform to meet the more intense challenges waiting for him.


Ten years ago, starting from entering a Taiwan-funded food ingredients company, Li Weihua, who graduated with a degree in radio, first set foot in the food flavor industry. That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The prices of foreign products are high, but there is a gap in China. Fortunately, at the Taiwan company, Li Weihua learned the technology that was only mastered by a few companies. With the dream and passion of entrepreneurship, several young people founded Xinyoulian Company, the predecessor of Huixiangyuan. He has done almost all the jobs in this industry, from trading to engaging in technology research and development, to becoming a production plant manager, to marketing.

        The peculiar shrewdness, restraint, and pragmatism of the Guangdong businessman, as well as the calmness and calmness after the ups and downs of the Shanghai in these years, allow him to look at everything he has gained and lost with a normal mind.

        Two or three "brothers" get together to start a company, and there will be problems as soon as it gets bigger. Li Weihua naturally has a deep pain in dealing with this "normal phenomenon" of Chinese private enterprises. He believes that the core of this problem is fame and fortune. When the enterprise is small, everyone is unanimous in the outside world, sharing joys and sorrows, the rich investment struggles to take risks and account for the majority of shares, and the poor are willing to conspire and contribute to the small shares; when the enterprise is large, there is a market and benefits, a firm foothold, and risk becomes Past. With the imbalance in the distribution of benefits, large shareholders get more shares while small shareholders get less shares; large shareholders are famous in public, and small shareholders feel even more disappointed. The mentality goes wrong, the problem leads to contradictions, the contradictions intensify, and fission is inevitable.

        During the conversation, he could feel his deep feelings for Huixiangyuan. Why opt out? He said that there is an old Chinese saying that "tiger poison does not eat children." When a company is founded, it is like raising a child. Seeing her grow up, it is emotional. I have everything I should have now, so why bother to win the battle, love her and protect her, the best way is to give it up.

        Speaking of this, Li Weihua smiled suddenly. He said, now that we are separated and we do our own things, we are still good friends, and we can still cooperate with suitable projects in the future. Colleagues are friends. It is the general trend that we learn from each other's strengths, work together to create a big industry climate.

        In addition to feelings, he also has deep thinking about the salty flavor industry for which he has been fighting for more than ten years. He said: "If there is no skin, Mao will be attached. The industry is developing unhealthy and without a good living environment, it is a disaster for the entire industry." He is deeply impressed by the increasingly vicious price competition in the industry: Chinese people do business. It means "small profits but quick turnover", and why can't we learn from the Jewish business experience of "high profits but quick turnover"! Everyone knows that Jews are the most powerful in doing business in the world. Most of the top ten multinational flavor and fragrance companies in the world are run by Jews. Their products are high-quality, and their prices are undoubtedly very profitable. It is even more recognized. Only when we make our own characteristic products, do we have no one, no one, no one, and no one, can we "rich profits but quicker sales", so that we can become bigger and stronger in the true sense. So for more than a year, we have been developing new products and taking the path of differentiation and innovation.

        Those who do great things must dare to be first, have the courage to create opportunities, and be good at grasping opportunities. Li Weihua cherishes such a platform today. He always said that the company belongs to everyone, and everyone can use this platform to create their own value and realize their dreams. Although this is only a very young team, her cohesion has made everyone in it feel the joy of realizing value.

        Located in Guangzhou City, Jiangda Hefeng Company, whether in the workshop, office, or research room, every employee who is working does not see malaise but vitality. "People-oriented" is the management concept pursued by many enterprises. In Jiangda's harmony, Li Weihua has given it new connotations: "dilute" the system, pragmatically, and promote simplicity and complexity. He advocated that the management of employees should be guided by the company's clear vision and goals. As a R&D and marketing enterprise, ordinary front-line workers account for a small proportion of its employee composition. Most of the employees are professional technicians, marketing personnel and management personnel with a certain quality. The relatively looseness promotes the initiative and happiness of employees. jobs. The second is to create a "home" atmosphere. Li Weihua said that we hope that employees will regard the company as their home. "Everyone must love this home" and "The company must be like a home" are common choices from different directions.

        Li Weihua, who is still young and energetic, leads his young team with the rationality and maturity he has accumulated in his passion, looking forward to writing a wonderful chapter in his life again.

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