Heavy! Win-win cooperation and work together, Jiangda Hefeng won the highest award for outstanding suppliers from industry benchmarking enterprises

PubDate:2020-06-18   Views:817

Jiangda Hefeng has been awarded "Excellent Supplier" for many years

        On July 24, 2018, in Inner Mongolia, the beautiful prairie capital, an awards ceremony for outstanding suppliers of industrial and agricultural auxiliary enterprises was held. Jiangda Hefeng was awarded the "Highest Award for Excellent Suppliers" by the industry benchmarking company Red Sun Food Group. First prize".

                                                               Wonderful performance marketing at the award ceremony                               General Manager Ms. Zhang Shumin accepts the award

        Jiangda Hefeng and Red Sun have cooperated for many years. The company has always regarded it as a precious customer and fully supports technology and quality research and development. Now the two parties have become high-quality partners. It is the result of years of hard work between Jiangda Hefeng and Red Sun. It is the Red Sun Company's continuous attention and recognition of Jiangda Hefeng. In the future, Jiangda Hefeng will continue to provide Red Sun with more high-quality and safe products.

        Jiangda Hefeng is based on long-term brand building and multi-channel integrated promotion. Its corporate image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and won praise from the market and customers. There is a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation between Jiang Dahefeng and Red Sun. In the future, with the increasingly fierce competition among food companies, we also look forward to and continue to improve our own level to achieve efficiency improvements and the company's strategic goals."

  Introduction of Inner Mongolia Red Sun Food Group:

        Inner Mongolia Red Sun Food Co., Ltd. was established in March 2003 and settled in Yulong Industrial Park, Yuquan District, Hohhot City in April of the same year. After continuous efforts to innovate, the company has developed into a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company now has more than 20 business divisions, including Jiutianjia Catering Division, Spicy Catering Division, Chilege Catering Division, Shanghe Oats Division, Tianjin Cuibo Brewing Division, among which the Food and Beverage Division is based in Inner Mongolia, The stores are all over the country. With the advancement of the company's diversified development strategy, the brand, market, team, technology, and management have gradually been brought into line with world-class standards.

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