The products produced by the company belong to the biological and new pharmaceutical technology field of "the high and new technology fields supported by the state"——

(1) The separation technology of effective components of natural products;

(2) Biocatalysis technology, biosynthesis of peptides;

(3) Deep processing of agricultural products and modern storage and transportation.

It also has a complete industrial chain of all kinds of flavor, salty flavor and seasoning products. It has the ability to extract and separate flavor components from natural meat, seafood and vegetables, and to develop the flavor enhancing peptide by Maillard reaction.

1.Natural extraction technology

(1)Physical extraction: totally natural flavor substances are extracted from natural animals and plants (spices) by physical methods such as squeezing, extraction, distillation, distillation and concentration.

(2)Enzymolysis extraction: according to the characteristics of high specificity of biological enzyme reaction, the components of cell wall (cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin) are hydrolyzed or degraded by selecting the corresponding enzyme, which destroys the structure of cell wall, dissolves, suspenses or gels the components in the cell, so as to achieve the purpose of extraction and improve the extraction rate of components.

(3)Supercritical extraction: the effective components are extracted by high solubility of extractant in supercritical state.

2.Technology of aroma production by thermal reaction

Flavor formation pathway of heat responsive flavor

(1) Thermal degradation of aroma precursors: thermal degradation of peptides and amino acids, degradation of sugar, degradation of thiamine.

(2) Maillard reaction: the reaction between amino compounds and reducing sugar or other carbonyl compounds, also known as carbonyl ammonia reaction

(3) Oxidation of lipids: thermal degradation of lipids and secondary reactions of thermal degradation products

3.Headspace analysis and flavor blending technology

Flavor formation pathway of heat responsive flavor

(1) By analyzing the gas phase in the closed system which reaches thermodynamic equilibrium with liquid and solid, the measured components in solid sample are indirectly measured;

(2) The composition and content of volatile components can be identified by GC-MS analysis, which can provide reference for flavorers;

(3) according to the analysis results, the perfumes carry out the blending and modification of liquid flavors, and develop realistic, rich and distinctive flavor products.

4.Microcapsule embedding technology

Microencapsulation is a technology for encapsulated micro substance in polymer film. Microencapsulated powder essence refers to using liquid base as core material, using various kinds of natural polymer starch or vegetable gum as wall materials, and continuously coating the core material, and protecting the original flavor components of the fragrance base. So as to enhance the storage, heat resistance, slow release and aroma retention.

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