The company has a number of domestic outstanding flavor and fragrance industry expertise, has formed an old, medium and green combination of independent research and development of product research team. At present, the company has more than 211 employees, 80 with college degree or above, and has a R & D, quality control and marketing team with high education, including 7 senior engineers, 1 doctor and 12 graduate students. Among them, there are 43 R & D personnel in the technology center, accounting for 20.38% of the total number of the company. The company focuses on its own training of talents, the introduction of foreign talents, and the joint cooperation of university scientific research institutions. At present, the company's scientific research team and technical center are composed of 40 highly educated, senior chief engineers, senior flavorers, aroma tasters, raw material analysts, basic raw material R & D engineers, and various product application engineers.

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