Introduction of R & D Center

Guangdong ADD Flavour&Fragrance Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in the flavor and fragrance industry in China. Over the years, in terms of product technology, Jiangda and Feng take "differentiation" as the positioning point of products, take the independent innovation mode of "professional, dedicated and expert", increase joint efforts in production, research and research, shorten the R & D cycle of enterprises, and achieve the optimal allocation of technology and economic resources. So that the enterprise products continue to bring forth the new.

The company has independent and well-equipped R & D centers, including precision instrument room, aseptic room, microbial analysis room, condiment biotechnology laboratory, process development laboratory, and pilot plant for expanded food application. After years of accumulation, there are perfect equipment conditions in the research of flavors and fragrances. Among them, there are several digital DC stepless speed regulator agitators, vertical pressure steam sterilizers, vertical pressure steam sterilizers, ultra-low temperature crushers, DZQ series vacuum packers, meat meat enemator and other equipment. Analytical instruments related to the research and development of flavors and fragrances include high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, liquid mass analyzer and other instruments, so that the research and production of the technology center can be carried out smoothly.

Five R& D centers in China

Create green quality and create a road of cooperation
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