Enterprise introduction

Create green quality and create a road of cooperation

Guangdong Jiangda He Feng flavor and fragrance Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1, 2004.      Headquartered in Guangzhou Tianhe Zhucun liushe Industrial Park, it is an independent R & D, production and sales company, A large international supply chain group company for food flavors, seasonings and catering condiments. At present, the group owns Guangzhou Jiangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou zuoweijia Food Co., Ltd. and Jiangshun raw material trading Co., Ltd.In 2005, the company established a joint "food flavor research and development center" with Guangdong University of technology; in 2009, the company became the executive director unit of Food College of Jiangnan University, and established "teaching and research practice base" with Jiangnan University, South China University of technology, Jinan University and Guangdong University of technology; in 2012, the company studied the key technology and application of the development and utilization of antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients in spices In the project, the first prize of scientific and technological progress was awarded. In the same year, the construction of the key technology development platform for food flavors and spices was awarded the project of Guangzhou strategic leading industry development fund, and was supported by the "enterprise technology center special fund". In 2013, "the key technology of preparing letinous edodes flavor substances by biological enzyme method" was supported by Guangdong provincial Ministry of industry, University and research special fund. Jiangda and wind is the leading technology and comprehensive strength enterprise in the domestic flavor and fragrance industry. Its annual production capacity is 18000 tons. Through the FSSC22000 certification of food safety system, it is the largest fragrance and fragrance company in Southern China and the company with independent export rights in Southern China, and has its own Muslim factory Guangzhou Jiangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which has obtained three halal certification at home and abroad.  The company has five R & D centers in Chengdu, Tianjin, Changsha and Guangzhou.




year experience team


highly educated R & D teams


number of patents

Development and Strategy

Create green quality and create a road to cooperation

01Our choice

Set up lofty ideals and draw great blueprints. Make a firm goal and strive for 15 years to achieve annual sales of the company: 1 billion, 2 billion, 3 billion... China's salty flavor, condiment, soup, table dressing industry's first brand. The company is strong, everyone is rich, and every family has a happy life.

02Soup culture

Guangdong food is the most exquisite, but the soul of Guangdong food culture is to drink soup. We should promote Guangdong's soup and clear soup to industrial customers, noodles and steamed rice, and then to restaurants, hotpot shops and distributors.

03Establish a good customer system

For online customer business district, industrial customer business district, catering customer business district, consumer business district Dealers business circle, improve the market competitiveness of products, achieve sales revenue.

04Public awareness

Our job is to make the impossible possible and realize the ideal of entering the rich class in our hands.

Group Brand

Pass on Chinese food culture

Guangdong ADD Flavour&Fragrance Co., Ltd.

Guangdong ADD Flavour&Fragrance Co., Ltd.

Founded in April 1, 2004, uangdong ADD Flavour&Fragrance Co., Ltd. is headquartered in six industrial park, Tianhe Village, Guangzhou. It is a large international supply chain group company which independently develops, produces, sells, flavors, condiments and condiments for food. At present, the group owns Guangzhou Jiangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou zuoweijia Food Co., Ltd. and Jiangshun raw material trading Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Jiangda Biotechnology Co., LTD

Guangzhou Jiangda Biotechnology Co., LTD

Guangzhou Jiangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is a subsidiary company of Jiangda and wind holding group. It is a halal raw material production company with independent research and development, production, marketing, food flavors, condiments and food ingredients. The company is located in the high-tech industrial park of Conghua Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 1215 square meters and a workshop area of 6851 square meters, with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan. It has introduced advanced meat extract, concentration equipment and automatic weighing equipment.

Guangzhou Zuo Wei Jia Food Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Zuo Wei Jia Food Co., Ltd

Guangzhou zuoweijia Food Co., Ltd., established in 2017, is located at No. 4 Baotai Road, high tech Industrial Park, Conghua District, Guangzhou. Guangzhou is a landmark area of Lingnan food culture, with delicious and fragrant food features. Eating in Guangzhou is the highest praise for the catering industry of Guangfu, and "Guangdong soup" is the essence of Cantonese food culture.

Company Culture

Passing on Chinese food culture

  • Cultural concept
  • Staff style
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Target

    Build the company into an excellent enterprise that the society needs and customers love.


    Technology subversion, create value for customers, spread Chinese delicacy to all over the world!

    Our values

    Everything is thorough, meticulous, do everything well!

  • We shoulder the mission of spreading Chinese food culture and being a century old enterprise, and carefully manage this industry; We have the dream of becoming a world-class food ingredients enterprise and persistently pursue success. We know that only by persisting in the details of every product and service, we ask ourselves to be the best, So each of us is willing to give 100% of our efforts, With sincere dedication, we will serve you wholeheartedly. "Persistent pursuit of dedication as the soul" will encourage us to move forward with you!

Global Service

Pass on Chinese food culture

In depth consultation

We acquire, analyze and judge technology and market information, provide consultation on technological innovation decision making from the perspective of combining the two, and participate in the formulation and implementation of enterprise development strategy and strategic plan for technological innovation, so as to provide more effective, deeper, more accurate and innovative ideas for the development of flavor, and ultimately bring high added value to customers' products and brands.

Exchange and cooperation

We should actively establish various forms of cooperative relationships with universities and research institutes, and effectively organize and use social resources to serve enterprise technological innovation. Strengthen the exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign peer enterprises, jointly carry out strategic research and development, and promote the upgrading of industrial technology. We always stand at the leading position in the industry and analyze and develop the most characteristic and leading products for customers.

Overall mobilization

Our mission is to provide strong technical support for the development of customers' products into international brands. We face the market, fully mobilize internal resources, make extensive use of external resources open operation mechanism, and form a reasonable decision-making process, procedures and management procedures. Our R & D team, guided by consumers' tastes, macro market and customer needs, moves together to create the leading flavor system in the future.

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